Paris Hilton's doggie give-away

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 February 2008

Paris Hilton's doggie give-away

Paris Hilton has given away some of her dogs after she was investigated by US animal services.

The hotel heiress was visited by Captain Bowers of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services after recently admitting she had 17 dogs - a breach of a Los Angeles law prohibiting non-breeders having more than three dogs per address.

Paris has now cut down her canine companions from 17 to 10, but is still in violation of the law.

She said: "I only have 10 dogs now. Some of my dogs had puppies, so I gave some of them away to people I really know and trust. I gave some to my stylist and to a few of my best friends, so now I'm down to 10."

Paris claims she does not keep all 10 pooches at her Beverly Hills mansion, where she is currently constructing a mini-version of her house for the dogs to live in.

The 27-year-old socialite insists her parents, her aunt and other relatives dog-sit her pets when she is away on business.

She said: "I travel so much, it's hard to have them all with me all the time."

Paris' more exotic pets, which include two monkeys, two rabbits, and some ferrets, live on a ranch in Nevada.

She added: "I have a zookeeper who watches over them."

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