Laura Aldridge: California wow! at Tramway invites sensory impulses

Laura Aldridge: California wow!

Glasgow-based artist showcases sculptural works through a pink filter

‘More often than not,’ explains Surrey-born, Glasgow-based artist Laura Aldridge, ‘my work is positioned on a precipice of wanting to act upon an impulse, particularly a sensory impulse of wanting to touch and feel and simultaneously be felt by material and texture. It’s at this intersection that I’m able to investigate the physicality and tactility of processes. I’m motivated by the notion of the body experienced as both object and subject.’

All of which is vital to understanding her latest work, an installation created especially for the interior of the Tramway in collaboration with architect Iain MacLeod. California wow! is a large, pink Perspex room built in the heart of Tramway, which the viewer can step inside to view the space and a selection of external sculptural works through this pink filter. It’s an ‘expanded collage’, says Aldridge, a graduate of both the Wimbledon and Glasgow Schools of Art and a former exchange student at CalArts in California. The work aims to encourage the viewer to think about what lies behind the construction of this ‘landscape’ and both how it responds to its setting and how we physically respond to it.

‘I think the unifying idea for me is that I believe that art is a free space,’ says Aldridge of her body of work in general. ‘You can draw on multiple sources and misuse and misunderstand them; from that you can generate something that really speaks or sings, even. Something happens when I make work, in that my intentions aren’t always retained. It has a life of its own and becomes what I didn’t expect, a thing in itself. I like to be surprised by it, because for me the worst thing would be to get bored of my own work.’

Tramway, Glasgow, until Sun 22 Mar.

Laura Aldridge: California wow!

An installation drawing on sculpture, textile, print and ceramics to engage with the relationship between art, craft and performance.