Douglas Gordon turns his home into an exhibition space

Glasgow-based artist Douglas Gordon is to turn his home into an exhibition space, hosting work by contemporary artists throughout March.

The former Turner Prize winner Gordon will join forces with the director of the Common Guild, Katrina Brown, to exhibit works by seven artists including Roni Horn, Pavel Buchler and Phillipe Parreno.

Brown said: ‘This is a really fantastic opportunity for The Common Guild to get straight into the heart of what we aim to do – working with artists – and in such a distinctive location.’

Gordon, who studied at the Glasgow School of Art, is most famous for his works which feature the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

His 1993 installation 24 Hour Psycho slowed the film down to last for 24 hours while his fusion of The Exorcist and The Song of Bernadette sparked outrage from film fans. Mark Kermode called it ‘infantile, puerile, showing a complete contempt and total ignorance of the film’.

Gordon, who has exhibited all over the world, will now turn two reception rooms and a stairwell into an exhibition space while also opening his library to the public.

He said this morning: ‘It's always good to invite others into your house.’

The exhibition, Always Begins by Degrees, runs 6–29 March at 21 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow.

Admission is free Thursday–Saturday, 12pm–7pm or by appointment, call 0141 223 0087 or contact

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