Chris Evans in 'the middle of tests' for prostate cancer

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  • 30 January 2015
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans has revealed he's "in the middle" of being tested for prostate cancer after visiting his doctor following unusual toilet habits

Chris Evans is being tested for prostate cancer.

The BBC Radio 2 host has revealed he's in the middle of a prostate scare as he's not been able to stop going to the toilet "since Christmas" and has therefore decided to visit his doctor.

Speaking after The Who drummer Kenney Jones spoke as a guest reader on his 'The Chris Evans Breakfast Show' 'On This Day' slot, Chris said: "Thank you once again to Kenney Jones, of The Who who was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years ago and since recovery has been a fundraiser and supporter of Prostate Cancer UK.

"Prostate cancer, and colon cancer of course, are one of the most survivable forms of cancer there is, if caught early enough. If not, one of the least. It's a fine line between life and death, happiness and tragedy."

The flame-haired radio DJ continued: "And I've got to say I'm in the middle of a prostate issue right now! I couldn't stop. I have not been able to stop since Christmas - peeing - or wanting to go. So I've gone to the doctor."

The 48-year-old star - who has daughter Jade from a previous relationship and sons Eli and Noah with third wife Natasha Shishmanian - confessed, however, that he'd "scared" himself "half to death" before making an appointment by researching his problem online.

He shared: "I've done all the internet stuff that you shouldn't do, I've gone on the internet, scared myself half to death, then gone to see the doctor. And we really should do it the other way round. However, I'm in the middle of the tests."

Chris also claimed he'd avoided being tested in the past, adding: "I've completely changed my tune on this over the last couple of years. So there you go. If you are worried about anything just go and sort yourself out - if not for you, for your family.

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