Julie Walters refused to play 'downstairs' role in Downton Abbey

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  • 30 January 2015
Julie Walters

Julie Walters

Award-winning actress Julie Walters says she was never cast on 'Downton Abbey' because she will not play "downstairs" roles

Julie Walters was never cast in 'Downton Abbey' because she refuses to play "downstairs" roles.

The award-winning actress - who's played working-class characters in popular hits such as 'Educating Rita' and 'Billy Elliot' - would have liked to have starred in the ITV period drama, but admits she wouldn't have fitted in with the show.

Julie, 64, told The Sun newspaper: "I wanted to go upstairs and have a romance with Hugh Bonneville [who plays Robert Crawley]."

Julie recently caused a stir when she suggested working-class people aren't being properly represented on screen.

She reflected: "Soon the only actors are going to be privileged kids whose parents can afford to send them to drama school.

"That's not right. It feels like we are going backwards."

Julie - who is currently starring as east-end girl Cynthia in 'Indian Summers' - worries TV will be saturated with middle-class dramas, similar to 'Downton Abbey'.

She explained: "Working-class kids aren't represented. Working-class life is not referred to. It's really sad.

"I think it means we're going to get loads more middle-class drama.

"It will be middle-class people playing working-class people, like it used to be."

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