Danny Dyer can't match 'perfect' Mick Carter

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  • 30 January 2015
Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer's girlfriend Joanne Mas wishes he was more like his "perfect" 'EastEnders' alter ego Mick Carter

Danny Dyer's girlfriend wants him to be more like his 'EastEnders' alter ego.

The 37-year-old actor thinks Queen Vic landlord Mick Carter is too "perfect" and joked his character is ruining his relationship with Joanne Mas - with who he has three children - because he can't live up to the ideal of the loveable publican.

He said: "This character don't exist. He is the perfect husband with a massive schlong and is very supportive. He's almost like the perfect man.

"My partner does want me to be like Mick when I get home. It is like, 'Where's my Mick?' "

Danny also confessed to causing scriptwriters to re-pen many of his scenes as he wants the dialogue to sound more "real" and thinks they are too "middle class" to capture true East End language.

He told talk show host Jonathan Ross: "When I went back in I wanted to bring back a bit of the East End. There are good writers there but they are middle class so I am constantly changing the dialogue and they are freaking their nuts off.

"I use words like 'boat race' and 'slice' and they are on their earpieces in the gallery saying, 'Oh, yeah you can have slice'. Slice means 'to have a dig'.

"I think, 'Let the viewers Google it.' It makes sure they are paying attention. I wanted to bring the East End back. I think it is important.

"They have to rewrite the scripts and that is more work."

The actor is now gearing up for a special week of live episodes to mark the soap's 30th anniversary and admits he is terrified of messing things up.

He said: "It is five days of live. It's live week. It is petrifying. I don't know how I am going to do it.

"Two may be pushing it, three, four even, but five! I am just worried about f***ing it up. The show is a machine.

"Once I hear that music, there will be bum flappage."

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