Naomi Campbell's Brazil ban

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  • 28 February 2008

Naomi Campbell's Brazil ban

Naomi Campbell has reportedly banned staff from entering her Brazilian hospital room.

The supermodel - who underwent an operation to remove a cyst from her stomach at Sao Paulo's Sirio Libanes Hospital on Monday (25.02.08) - was said to be furious after doctors discussed her condition with the media.

The catwalk beauty now won't let anyone in her private room and has also ordered her phone to be cut off to protect her privacy.

Staff at the hospital said Naomi, famous for her diva-like behaviour, was "in no way courteous" to them when she barked her orders, according to Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

Naomi's boyfriend, wealthy Brazilian businessman Marcus Elias, is thought to have been constantly by her side since the operation.

The 37-year-old model - who is currently on a post-operation liquid diet - will remain in hospital until next weekend.

Josi Aristodemo Pinotti, the doctor who operated on Naomi, said of the beauty's treatment: "I'm not authorised to reveal what Naomi had, not even how serious the condition, but I can say she was operated on and is completely cured.

"It was an emergency operation but everything went well. There were no incidents or any problems that worried me during the surgery."

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