Preview: Kölsch at The Arches

Preview: Kölsch at The Arches

Multi-monikered Danish DJ-producer blends underground and overground

He’s remixed Coldplay and Deadmau5 while 2003’s ‘Calabria’, released under his Rune RK moniker, was the kind of international, played-everywhere hit so big it got turned into a cheap vocal chart hit, complete with trashy video. This is because Rune Reilly Kölsch really knows his stuff.

With 20 years’ experience under his belt via his Ink & Needle moniker, he’s released underground techno and founded the now-defunct Tattoorec label. There, the tracks were represented by a tattoo rather than a title, and the music honoured an early, persistent love affair with Detroit and Chicago house and techno.

In 2013, under Kölsch, he released an album which housed two of the most appealing, big-room, melodic piano house anthems of the year in ‘Goldfisch’ and ‘Der Alte’ whilst at the same time presenting a semi-pastiche of trance, 90s rave, Chicago house and festival-size EDM. Teetering on the border between uncool and deliciously addictive; this was a feat only really achievable by the most respected of musical minds. This is a man who really knows what he’s doing, and who does it consistently well, whatever the guise.


Romantic techno from the man with many monikers.