BBC angers residents with raunchy Casual Vacancy set

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  • 28 January 2015
Keeley Hawes

Keeley Hawes

The BBC caused outrage in a picturesque village after setting up a lingerie shop to film the new adaptation of J.K Rowling's novel, 'The Casual Vacancy'

The BBC caused outrage in a picturesque village after setting up a lingerie shop to film 'The Casual Vacancy'.

The three-part series - which has been adapted for the screen from J.K. Rowling's eponymous novel - was being filmed in Painswick, Gloucestershire, when local residents began to complain about the raunchy set, branding the fake underwear store "a disgrace".

Speaking at a screening of 'The Casual Vacancy' at London's Princess Anne Theatre, director Jonny Campbell said: "They complained about it at the local village council saying it was a disgrace."

However, some residents were pleased the adaptation - which is set in the fictional town of Pangford and follows the intertwining lives of villagers in the tight-knit community - was being filmed on their doorstep.

He added: "But another time there was a couple of old ladies walking past and we said, 'Please excuse us', and they replied, 'Oh don't worry, we have got all that stuff'."

Keeley Hawes - who plays the lingerie shop's owner Samantha Mollinson - enjoyed taking on the role of the ballsy character and described her as "real fun".

She added of her character's choice of revealing clothing: "When I read the book I was very keen that she should be very large breasted. I think that is a major part of Sam's personality.

"It's all part of this look. They're not in keeping with the rest of her, in the same way that she's not in keeping really with the rest of Pagford. I was very keen on keeping that from the book. The outfit Samantha wears is all very top-end but it looks very cheap."

The first episode of the three-part drama - which also stars Rory Kinnear, Michael Gambon, Abigail Lawrie and Rufus Jones - will air on BBC One on February 15 at 9pm.

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