Rosie Fortescue takes her dog on shopping trips

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  • 28 January 2015
Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortescue has revealed she sometimes takes her Dachshund pooch Noodle shopping with her but admits he's not the best at criticising her fashion choices

Rosie Fortescue takes her dog on shopping trips.

The 'Made In Chelsea' star admits that while she enjoys taking her sister shopping, she finds it more difficult to browse her favourite high street and designer stores with her Dachshund Noodle in tow.

She said: "My twin sister Lily is great - she second guesses me and is all, 'Go for it, just get it!' My mum's a bit more rational."

Quizzed on who her nightmare shopping partner is, Rosie added to Now magazine: "My dog! I know it's a bit strange but I take Noodle with me sometimes. When I'm changing, she just sits and looks at me and it's all a bit weird!"

The 24-year-old beauty also claimed she won't be rushing to take co-star Spencer Matthews or any of the other male members of the MIC cast with her again anytime soon.

She shared: "Men can be annoying to shop with too - if they have good style it's fun, but I went shopping with Spencer once... and that was less fun!"

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