Babes In Toyland announce 2015 UK tour

Babes In Toyland announce 2015 UK tour

Credit: Robin Laananen

Female punk trio follow their first live show in 18 years with five UK dates

They recently announced a reunion show at The Roxy in LA this February; now, female punk trio Babes In Toyland have revealed dates for a UK tour.

Members Kat Bjelland (lead vocals and guitar), Lori Barbero (drums) and Maureen Herman (bass) were known for punk rock tunes 'Here's My Thing' and 'Sweet 69' as well as their raw live shows. The first of their female contemporaries to sign to a major label, Reprise Records, the group were termed 'rock's first major-label feminists' by Entertainment Weekly.

Following their first live show in 18 years, the band will play gigs in Bristol, Southampton, London, Manchester and Glasgow in May before heading to festivals Primavera and Beaches Brew.

Babes In Toyland – He's My Thing

Babes in Toyland

The group, who were dubbed by Entertainment Weekly 'rock's first major label feminists' are playing their first live shows in 18 years. Babes in Toyland came to light in the late 80s and their live shows became renowned for their rawness and for portraying the musical and cultural zeitgeist. They released three studio…