Mark Thomas on his favourite films

Mark Thomas on his favourite films

Idil Sukan

Ahead of his Glasgow run, the campaigner and comedian reveals all about his favourite comedy films

Activist and funny guy Mark Thomas brings his latest show, Cuckooed, to Glasgow in Feb. We caught up with the on-point satirist to find out which classic films he turns to for laughs.

It depends what mood I am in: it could be The Blues Brothers. Belushi was at his prime and it has James Brown, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker and Aretha Franklin in it. Put that with a car chase that is so ridiculous it’s stunning and the quotable lines, and yeah, it's in the top five.

On another day it could be Passport to Pimlico: Margaret Rutherford and Stanley Holloway doing classic Ealing comedy. Beautiful filming, endearing characters, great one-liners, including when they find out they are all Burgundian and one bloke shouts out, ‘blimey! I'm a foreigner!’ An attitude we could all emulate.

Or it could be Police Story with Jackie Chan, an amazingly funny film involving lots of slapstick, the inheritor of Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton. Plus it has an amazing car chase downhill through a squatter camp and a great phone-juggling scene. On another day it could be Some Like it Hot, The Incredibles or The Simpsons Movie.

Cuckooed takes place at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 10--Thu 12 Feb.

Mark Thomas: Cuckooed

Intelligent humour about being spied on by a large company. Thomas is known for his on-point satire (he describes himself as a 'libertarian anarchist'), having appeared on The Mary Whitehouse Experience, Saturday Zoo and Have I Got News for You?, as well as his own Channel 4 show The Mark Thomas Comedy Product. He's…