Catherine Tyldesley 'excited' about going into labour

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  • 26 January 2015
Catherine and Tom

Catherine Tyldesley and fiance Tom Pitfield

Catherine Tyldesley has confessed she's "excited" about going into labour as she's hoping to use hypnotherapy to avoid needing drugs to alleviate the pain

Catherine Tyldesley is "excited" about going into labour.

The 'Coronation Street' actress is set to give birth to her and fiance Tom Pitfield's first child, a little boy, in six weeks time and admits that rather than dreading it, she's actually looking forward to going into labour.

She said: "When you're halfway through you feel like nine months is such a long time, but now it's really close I'm actually excited about going into labour. I'm so impatient and that's when I'll know he's on his way."

The 31-year-old star is hoping to welcome her son into the world without the help of drugs as she's planning to use hypnobirthing, where the fear and tension associated with going to labour is diminished or eliminated with hypnotherapy.

She told HELLO! magazine: "I got into meditation a while ago because, with such a high-pressured, busy job, you need to remember to take time to relax, not just sleep and work.

"When you make time you ground yourself and give yourself focus. I meditate two or three times a week, even just for ten minutes on my lunch break to chill out.

"A few of my friends told me to look into hypnobirthing because it made sense with the meditating - the more relaxed you are, the calmer the baby will be."

However, the blonde beauty won't let it get to her if she can't go ahead with the hypnobirthing and insists she's not fazed by the horrific experience some women have.

She explained: "No, you can't predict anything and, as much as I'd like to go down the natural road, I can't beat myself up if I need medical intervention."

Catherine added: "When you announce your pregnancy, so many people have these horror stories and that's what gives you the fear.

"A few years back, I used to think I'd want my kid out through the sunroof [a caesarean] but now I know more about it, that fear purely comes from stories and TV programmes showing dramatic births.

"Thousands of births happen every day that are normal, happy and peaceful."

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