Jennifer Lopez's home auditions

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  • 23 January 2015
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she held 'The Boy Next Door' auditions at her home

Jennifer Lopez held 'The Boy Next Door' auditions at her home.

The 45-year-old actress - who both stars in and produces the romantic thriller - has revealed that her co-star Ryan Guzman and the other auditionees travelled to her house for their chance to nab a part in the film.

Speaking on 'The Wendy Williams Show', she shared: "By the way, I auditioned a lot of guys at the house. We did the auditions [at my house] because of the fact we were producing it so we did it there and everybody came and the director came and the producers and we just had people come by and audition."

When asked if she worries that the failed auditionees now knowing where she lives, she added: "I'd like to think that the actors that came to the house are more professional.

"It wasn't just everyone off the street like, 'Line up at my house'. They were working actors already."

Meanwhile, her 27-year-old co-star, Ryan, previously revealed that she calmed his nerves ahead of their intimate scenes in the film.

He said previously: "I finally had to go to her and say, 'I'm really nervous about this, this is the first time I'm getting naked in front of a bunch of people I don't really know.' I have to wear this little sock on my, you know, and it was pretty emasculating.

"She pulled me off to the side and told me, 'It's a part of the film industry and we're just telling a story. We have to tell it to the best of our ability.' It had to have so much intensity and so much passion that the audience felt it. We wanted to make it memorable and we did that."

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