Danny-Boy Hatchard: Working on EastEnders like working at a factory

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 January 2015
Danny-Boy Hatchard

Danny-Boy Hatchard

Danny-Boy Hatchard has compared working on 'EastEnders' to working at a factory and claims that's how he manages to let go of storylines when the cameras aren't rolling

Danny-Boy Hatchard says working on 'EastEnders' is like working at a factory.

The 23-year-old actor, who plays Lee Carter on the BBC One soap, claims that while his character has been involved in some tough storylines he's very aware that it's just his job and not real life.

Quizzed on whether he finds it hard to let go when the cameras aren't rolling, he told BANG Showbiz: "It can be quite tough but you just get into the swing of things. The way I describe 'EastEnders' is like a factory. You know, we produce scenes and episodes like a factory produces chocolate."

Danny also confessed it's been a dream come true to work with Danny Dyer - who plays his on-screen dad Mick Carter.

He said: "It's a pleasure, I've learnt a lot from him. He's a master of his craft along with everyone else at 'EastEnders' and as long as I'm here I'll continue learning."

However, the soap star admitted he was torn between whether he wanted Danny or actress Kellie Bright, who plays his on-screen mum Linda Carter, to win the Serial Drama Performance prize at the National Television Awards last night (21.01.15).

Speaking before Danny Dyer was presented with the award, he shared: "I think they both deserve it to be fair. Big shout out to Kellie Bright, the whole rape storyline ... She's been very, very strong and there's been some fantastic feedback. Danny wants her to win it so I'm going to go Kellie Bright on this one."

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