Caroline Quentin enjoying sex more in her 50s

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  • 21 January 2015
Caroline Quentin

Caroline Quentin

Caroline Quentin says her sex life with her husband Sam Farmer is better than ever since she hit her 50s

Caroline Quentin is enjoying sex more now she's in her 50s.

The actress noticed a change in men's attitudes to her when she reached the landmark age, insisting lots of guys stopped viewing her as a sexual woman.

However, the former 'Jonathan Creek' star - who is married to Sam Farmer, who is 12 years younger than her - says her love life has never been better and has improved as she has gotten older.

Caroline, 54, said: "Once you're over 40, and over 50 particularly, people don't perceive you as a sexual being any more. It's certainly not true in my own life. I find getting older enjoyable and, as the years have gone on, I've enjoyed my sexuality more. I don't feel asexual just because I'm over a certain age. Quite the reverse actually."

Although she feels sexually liberated, Caroline - who is playing a prostitute in upcoming racy play 'The Life and Times of Fanny Hill' -admits she is shocked by the amount of erotica and nudity in modern TV shows and films and worries what effect it will have on her children Emily and William.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: "I saw 'Game of Thrones' the other day and all the women were nude. When did that become all right? Who is in charge of that? I have a 15-year-old daughter and I know what's out there. It makes me ache with fear. Young people are sexualised so quickly, for profit, now. We have to guard against it and talk about it. People don't want to and - truthfully - I don't want to either, but to be a responsible parent you have to have those conversations, about stuff on the internet, images of girls in the media and early sex."

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