Coronation Street stars honour 'extraordinary' Anne Kirkbride

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  • 21 January 2015
Helen Worth who plays Gail Platt

Helen Worth

Helen Worth, Johnny Briggs and Kate Ford are among 'Coronation Street' stars to have paid tribute to Anne Kirkbride who died on Monday (19.01.15) at the age of 60

Helen Worth will miss being hugged by Anne Kirkbride.

The actress, who plays Gail Platt in 'Coronation Street', has praised her late co-star, saying she was constantly professional but always had a hug for the other stars of the ITV soap, in which she played Deirdre Barlow for over 40 years..

Speaking about Anne - who passed away on Monday (21.01.15) after a short illness - Helen said: "She came in, she did the job, she was Deirdre, she knew what she was doing, from a child, from a young girl she came in and ... Forty odd years, she was extraordinary, every day more and more and I will remember the hugs personally, good times and bad times she used to hug everybody and I will miss those very much indeed."

After filming for the popular drama was halted yesterday (20.01.15) in tribute to the star, the 64-year-old actress admitted she is glad to be back with the cast today (21.01.15) to share memories of Anne.

She told ITV's 'Good Morning Britain': "I personally am grateful to be back today amongst the cast where we can just talk about Annie and remember the wonderful, loveable person that she was. She truly was the most loveable of people and she had a hug for everybody!"

Other stars to have recalled their fond memories of the actress include Johnny Briggs who formerly played Deirdre's love interest Mike Baldwin on the soap.

He told the Bristol Post newspaper: "My daughter phoned me to tell me the news and I didn't want to believe it. She was so young.

"I remember her well because I did a lot of my best scenes with her. She was a gorgeous lady."

Actresses who have played Anne's on-screen daughter, Tracy Barlow - of which there have been four - also celebrated the star.

Dawn Acton - who was hired to play the character aged 11 said she feels "shocked" by the news and spoke of the "huge influence" she had on her life.

She said: "I am shocked and gutted that she's gone. She was such a huge influence on my life.

"Annie looked after me on camera and off. She always got on with the kids -- nothing was too much trouble for her."

Kate Ford, who currently portrays her daughter on the show, added she was a close friend as well as a colleague.

She told The Sun newspaper: "She had the biggest, warmest heart and a startling and refreshing openness.

"There was never any pretence with her -- she was just Annie.

"She was always there for me as a shoulder to cry on in my life whenever things were tough.

"She was amazing on set. Fun when cameras weren't rolling and word perfect when they were. I loved her so much."

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