Carol McGiffin: Nadia Sawalha is a bossy boots on Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 21 January 2015
Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin

Carol McGiffin believers her former 'Loose Women' co-star Nadia Sawalha is coming across as "an interfering bossy boots" on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Carol McGiffin thinks Nadia Sawalha is coming across as "an interfering bossy boots" on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 54-year-old presenter can understand why her former 'Loose Women' co-host wants to be the "peacemaker" in the house but doesn't think her attempts to be a "mother figure" are working very well.

Carol - who came fourth on the show in 2013 - said: "Nadia hates confrontation so it doesn't surprise me that she's trying to sort out the arguments and smooth everything over.

"She's a nurturing person and probably thinks the house needs a mother figure but she's coming across like an interfering bossy boots."

Despite her comments, Carol admits she feels sorry for Nadia because the house is so full of conflict and she wishes her pal could ignore it and relax.

She added to Closer magazine: "I do feel for Nadia because she's got the worst household possible. Everyone is just so argumentative and row flare up out of nowhere. My housemates were mostly easy going and we had a laugh.

"If I could speak to Nadia, I'd tell her to ignore all the drama and enjoy herself. She's doing her popularity no favours being referee.

"When you're in that house you have no concept of public perception and the smallest things can irritate you. But Nadia needs to let it go, have a drink and chill."

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