William Roache: Anne Kirkbride was my soulmate

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  • 20 January 2015
Anne and William

William Roache with Anne Kirkbride

William Roache feels as though he has lost his "soulmate" now Anne Kirkbride has died and has revealed filming on 'Coronation Street' has been cancelled

'Coronation Street' star William Roache says he and the late Anne Kirkbride were "soulmates".

The 82-year-old actor played Ken Barlow, the on-screen husband of Anne's character Deirdre Barlow, with the pair's lives being entwined on the Weatherfield cobbles for over 30 years.

Williams admits he has been left totally grief-stricken since learning his co-star had passed away from cancer on Monday night (19.01.15) and admits she was one of his closest friends.

In an interview on 'This Morning', he said: "I remember when we would both go our different ways (in the show) but we'd always come back together. One of the writers said, 'We always see Ken and Deirdre as a pair, whether they're together or not.' We were sort of soulmates and we were like that off screen. I loved her dearly and she loved me, in the true and proper way and I respected her as an actress tremendously."

William and the rest of the 'Corrie' cast went to work today (20.01.15) and wanted to film in honour of Anne, but the day's shoot was cancelled as the feeling as no one was able to put their grief aside to work.

Despite his heavy heart, the soap legend has been able to take comfort in his belief Anne has gone on to a "very happy place".

The soap legend explained: "We all wanted to come in to work today, that was the feeling we all had in our hearts, but of course when we got here we couldn't do it. When I walked on to the set you could just feel Annie's presence she was always a joyful, loving person and we just couldn't work. So today is a day of tributes to a really beautiful person, a wonderful colleague and a great actress.

"The void just walking on set today was heart-rending, because you feel her presence and we will always feel her presence. But I know she has gone to a very good and very happy place and for that we can be happy, but we miss her dreadfully."

William is not surprised by the public's reaction to Annie's death because she was in their homes every night for over 40 years and they took her to their hearts.

He said: "There's a great sense of personal loss, and I can understand the public feeling that, because Annie radiated such love they also will feel a great sense of personal loss. We've also lost an iconic 'Coronation Street' character so it's a double loss for us."

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