Alexander O'Neal found Celebrity Big Brother 'unbearable'

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  • 20 January 2015
Alexander O'Neal

Alexander O'Neal

Musician Alexander O'Neal has revealed he found the stress of 'Celebrity Big Brother' to be "unbearable"

Alexander O'Neal found the stress of 'Celebrity Big Brother' to be "unbearable".

The 61-year-old singer opted to leave the reality TV series after he was given a formal warning by producers for using homophobic language aimed at celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Alexander told the show's host Emma Willis: "The stress became unbearable. I did it for myself and for my housemates."

The 'Criticize' hitmaker - who became the third contestant to leave outside the show's usual elimination process, following the departures of actors Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley - said he didn't want to stop other housemates from having a positive experience.

Of his clash with Perez Hilton, Alexander said: "Perez is gonna be Perez and do what he gonna do.

"He taunts you."

However, Alexander also told the host of the Channel 5 show that the house is less intense than viewers may realise.

Asked whether housemates are always on edge, he replied: "No not constantly, living with 11 or 12 housemates, you're bound to have moments, everyone has them."

Despite the controversial nature of his departure, Alexander insisted the show has broadly been a positive experience.

He shared: "I've had my moments, for the most part it was a great experience.

"I'm grateful to Big Brother for giving me the opportunity to be part of something like this."

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