Azealia Banks sees Twitter as 'free therapy'

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  • 17 January 2015
Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

Outspoken rapper Azealia Banks thinks of Twitter as "free therapy", and insists she's "thoughtful and considerate"

Azealia Banks views twitter as free therapy.

The outspoken rapper - who has clashed with a number of stars on the social networking site - admits she is more daring about what she says when microblogging than she would be face-to-face.

She said: "Twitter is free therapy. People have said I'm a bigot because I've had a few battles on social media but really I'm not.

"It's just that places like Twitter are like a walk-in therapy suite. You forget yourself.

"I've said things which in real life might have earned me a slap in the face. But actually I am thoughtful and considerate. So, don't let social media turn you into a monster."

Azealia also admitted she always carries "emergency exit money" with her because she never wants to have to rely on a guy for help.

She said: "A woman should always carry at least $75 on her. I've been on so many dates where you think, 'I wish I wasn't a broke b***h putting up with bulls**t from this guy'. All because I didn't have the cab fare home. You need emergency exit money.

"I've had plenty of lean times where I had barely 10 cents to rub together. It's not a nice feeling."

Azealia Banks

Hip-hop enfant terrible with a potty mouth.

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