Sinead Tinker fears crash will leave her paralysed

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 13 January 2015
Sinead in hospital

Sinead Tinker in hospital following the crash

Sinead Tinker, who's played on screen by actress Katie McGlynn, worries she could be left paralysed after a serious mini-bus crash in 'Coronation Street'

Sinead Tinker could be left paralysed after a mini-bus crash in 'Coronation Street'.

The Underworld employee - who is played by actress Katie McGlynn - is to be seriously injured after the vehicle transporting her and her factory colleagues is left hanging on the edge of a cliff and will only regain consciousness when she reaches the hospital, where she is left fearing the worst.

The 21-year-old star explained: "She's hospitalised and she eventually comes round when she's there. She's scared and I think she just wants answers, she wants to know how badly injured she is but I think she knows it's serious because she says she's in so much pain."

Katie explained that upon arriving at hospital, her on-screen character starts fretting about her health.

Asked what's going through Sinead's head at that point, Katie said: "She's really, really scared and she tells the doctor that she's scared stiff. She's really upset about it but she's relieved when [her boyfriend] Chesney [Sam Aston] comes in. It's really hard for her."

Sinead is subsequently told she'll need to undergo an operation, which will take her a long time to make a full recovery from.

Katie revealed: "[The doctors] ask her to tell them how much pain she's in and tell her that she's badly injured her back. She has some tests and the doctors tell her she needs an operation. She's so scared, she's really devastated that this has happened."

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