Mystical Scarlett Johansson

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  • 27 February 2008

Mystical Scarlett Johansson

David Bowie thinks Scarlett Johansson's voice is "mystical".

The legendary singer provides backing vocals on two tracks for Scarlett's upcoming album of Tom Waits covers, 'Anywhere I Lay My Head', and says the actress stunned him with her talent.

In a posting on his official website, he wrote: "The songs are great, really good Tom Waits stuff, and Scarlett's performances are mystical and cool.

"She creates a mood that could have been summoned by someone like the novelists Margery Latimer or Jeanette Winterson."

David also insists his contribution to the record isn't as big as the hype.

He added: "I've seen the press on the album and I suppose the record company wanted to spin my involvement a little more than it actually warrants.

"All I really contribute are these oo's and ah's on a couple of tracks. David Sitek, the producer, originally asked me to do three songs, but for one of them, 'I Don't Wanna Grow Up', I didn't feel I could contribute much to it, so I left it alone."

The veteran star isn't the only one to be impressed with Scarlett's vocal styling.

The actress recently revealed Tom Waits himself had been complimentary about her voice.

She said: "Tom Waits' melodies are so beautiful and his voice is so distinct. I sent him some of my early recordings, and he said, 'Go ahead.' I've heard he's very pleased."

'Anywhere I Lay My Head', which features 10 covers and one original song, 'Song for Jo', is due for worldwide release in May.

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