Preview: Robin Ince, Blooming Buzzing Confusion

Preview: Robin Ince, Blooming Buzzing Confusion

Edinburgh regular Robin Ince returns with his latest brain-squeezing show

Some comedians will go to great lengths as they gather up material for their next show. But not many people can match Robin Ince for his research into Blooming Buzzing Confusion.

‘I had a brain scan done for fun: I met a guy on a train who offered me an MRI. My last show, In (and Out of) His Mind was based more on reading and pondering whereas this one is more about me going into laboratories and having experiments done on me. I find how my mind puts together images of the world around me. So it has more direct practical experience and there are a few experiments that the audience can do when they get home later. They’re simple, but very disconcerting.’

One thing you can always be certain of with a Robin Ince show is that there’s nothing lightweight or flippant about the subject matter. Not for nothing has he conducted a TED talk and considers Prof Brian Cox as a colleague and pal. His stand-up is big and it’s certainly clever, but the key worry for some people popping out for their evening’s comedy might be: is it actually funny?

Ince is here to reassure you all. ‘If I was doing observational comedy about day-to-day things, I’d have those same concerns. What I don’t have is that worry when you’re on a mixed bill and from backstage you hear someone else do a bit about being drunk. Whereas not so many people are doing routines about rubber hand illusions and the Caputo effect. But it’s always about getting that balance right.’

The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 13 Jan.

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