Calum Best won't be chasing girls on Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 8 January 2015
Calum Best

Calum Best

Calum Best insists he has no plans to "get pissed and chase girls" during his stint on 'Celebrity Big Brother' but it still up for having a good time

Calum Best has no plans to "get pissed and chase girls" in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 33-year-old former model - who is known for having romanced a number of celebrity women - insists he's past his days of being a player but still wants to have fun on the Channel 5 show.

He said: "I indulge, but I'm not going on here to get pissed and chase girls. That's not my vibe at all. It was at some point in my life. But I'm not a born again Christian, I will still go on here and have some fun."

The TV personality - who is the son of football legend George Best - claims that while he's more than happy to get his "kit off" in the house, he won't be making moves on any of the female housemates.

He shared: "There have been press pieces saying Calum us going in to sex up the show and it's like, 'Are you serious?' I'd be taking 20 steps backwards if I had sex on national television!"

Calum's last stint on reality TV was on 'Celebrity Love Island', which he won with love interest Bianca Gascoigne ten years ago, but he believes he's now much more mature.

He added: "The biggest reason for me [doing CBB] is that now, at 33, being good in my health, good in my head and my soul, I just want to show people the kind of person that I am now."

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