Kevin Jonas admits sibling friction

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  • 7 January 2015
The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers

Kevin Jonas admits the Jonas Brothers split because there was "too much friction" between them but says he and his brothers get on better now

Kevin Jonas admits the Jonas Brothers split because there was "too much friction".

The sibling trio - Kevin and his younger brothers Joe and Nick - went their separate ways after scrapping a planned tour in autumn 2013 and the 27-year-old reality star thinks they were right to call it a day when they did.

He said: "Being able to play shows and travel together was great, but then once at the end there, the friction was too much and we just really needed to break away and kind of do our own things for some time."

And Kevin believes splitting the band when they did has saved their family relationship as they get on much better without the "constant butting of heads" over their career.

He added in an interview with HuffPost Live: "I think that's why we're close now, because we're not in the band. We chose to be a family, not a band."

Kevin's brother Nick has now launched a solo career and recently admitted he thinks he has a "cooler" image away from the group.

He said: "I definitely feel cooler. I think that was a big part of approaching phase two [of my career], being true to who I am.

"This is way more organic and natural to me than anything I've done in the past. I do get to start over in a lot of ways, so I'm trying to embrace that."

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