The Prodigy announce new album

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  • 7 January 2015
The Prodigy

The Prodigy

The Prodigy have announced the release of their sixth studio album 'The Day is My Enemy' which will be available in March

The Prodigy will release their sixth studio album in March.

The electronic music group have been working on the LP, titled 'The Day is My Enemy' since 2010, and have revealed it will finally be released on March 30.

Announcing the news on their website, the band - which features Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality - confirmed the release of the 14-track LP, including their single 'Nasty' which was unveiled last month.

Other tracks on the 'Firestarter' hitmakers' album include 'Rebel Radio', 'Get Your Fight On', 'Invisible Sun' and a collaboration with 25-year-old DJ Flux Pavilion on the song 'Rhythm Bomb'.

Speaking in October, Liam, 43, said he hoped the album would be the antidote to the formulaic sound of the majority of modern day electronic dance music, describing what they had made as "pure violent energy."

He said: "Dance music across all types has become formula-based.

"It's 'Here's your drum fill, here's your build.' All that DJ b******s and tutorials on YouTube s**t. This album is totally organic. Pure violent energy."

The trio are expected to play tracks from the record when they headline Isle of Wight Festival, which will take place from June 11 to 14.

The tracklist for 'The Day is My Enemy' is as follows:

1. The Day is My Enemy

2. Nasty

3. Rebel Radio

4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods

5. Destroy

6. Wild Frontier

7. Rok-Weiler

8. Beyond the Deathray

9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion

10. Roadblox

11. Get Your Fight On

12. Medicine

13. Invisible Sun

14. Wall Of Death

The Prodigy

Veteran techno rockers, renowned for their blistering live shows and single 'Firestarter'.

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