Jack Whitehall making 'Bad Education' film

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  • 7 January 2015
Jack and Michael

Jack and Michael Whitehall

According to his father Michael, Jack Whitehall is planning on bringing back his comedy series 'Bad Education' as a film

Jack Whitehall is bringing back his comedy series 'Bad Education' as a film.

According to his father, Michael, the 26-year-old actor and comedian is working on a movie version of the BBC Three series, which aired its final episode in October last year, and is also planning to play his father in a movie adaptation of his autobiography on the big screen.

Michael said: "I think Jack will end up being a very successful actor in film and television. I don't think he will be playing Hamlet but he's a great comic actor.

"He's doing a film of 'Bad Education' and a drama of my autobiography is still on the cards. It was Jack's idea to play me, and I think that would be very good."

Talent agent Michael currently appears alongside his son on the BBC Two chat show 'Backchat' and while he never aspired to become famous, he admits he loves working with Jack.

He said: "I'm proud of him all the time - I'm amazed how talented he is. And he's so charming and generous. Most comedians wouldn't dream of giving their punchline to someone else, yet Jack is the opposite.

"He is always giving me the best lines. When people ask me to do things without Jack I always say no. I'm not an actor; I never had ambitions to be famous but I love working with my son."

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