Ron Howard stresses the importance of trailers

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  • 7 January 2015
Ron Howard

Ron Howard

Award-winning director Ron Howard thinks movie trailers are "more important than ever"

Ron Howard thinks movie trailers are "more important than ever".

The 60-year-old director believes trailers have always been important, but says the ever-increasing influence of the internet means their significance continues to develop.

Asked how crucial trailers have become, Ron replied: "Well they've always been vitally important. And then for a while, when the Internet took hold, people began to wonder if theatrical [trailers] were still as important. And it turns out they're more important than ever.

"I think there are far more eyeballs on a trailer, whether that's for a TV show or a movie, than there ever has been. It's always been its own particular art form."

The Oscar-winning director was asked whether he shoots scenes in his movies with the trailer in mind.

He told Yahoo Movies: "I joke about that, and once in a while I'm right, but more often, the people that actually sit with the footage and sort of put it through their filter wind up surprising me every time."

Ron also said trailers are a good way for ambitious directors to further their careers.

He explained: "I just think it's fantastic for the storytellers, for the companies to be able to suggest various aspects of a story to the public, so that people can understand that there are a number of reasons to consider sampling a show or a movie. And it does stimulate creativity. A lot of great filmmakers came out of the world of making trailers."

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