Jessica Raine wanted unpleasant role

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  • 7 January 2015
Jessica Raine

Jessica Raine in 'Call the Midwife'

Jessica Raine has confessed she decided to quit 'Call the Midwife' because she was "desperate" to play an unlikeable character

Jessica Raine was desperate to play an unpleasant character.

The 'Call the Midwife' star has left the wholesome show and relished the chance to portray someone "really, really horrible" in new historical drama 'Wolf Hall'.

She said: "I was desperate to play someone not nice. I play Jane Rochford, Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law in 'Wolf Hall' and she is really, really horrible.

"It's written by Peter Straughan so it has a very contemporary, thriller edge."

While Jessica relished the role, it did have some uncomfortable downsides.

She added to Marie Claire magazine: "The costumes were incredibly uncomfortable but they were really authentic - they certainly didn't cut any corners."

The 32-year-old actress became a household name as Jenny Lee in 'Call the Midwife' but decided to leave last year after three series because she was ready for a new challenge.

She explained: "Leaving 'Call the Midwife' felt like the right decision. You've got to listen to your gut instinct - that's all you've got in this industry.

"I did think about asking for the nurse's uniform when I left but I thought that was a bit kinky."

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