Christopher Nolan gets angered by criticism

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  • 5 January 2015
Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan

'Interstellar' director Christopher Nolan has admitted he gets angry when one of his films receives a bad review

Christopher Nolan gets angry when one of his films receives a bad review.

The 44-year-old director is responsible for some of Hollywood's biggest successes in recent years, including 'Inception' and Interstellar', but admits criticism of his movies still hurts.

However, he explained: "It's not as hard to keep your reactions in proportion as you might think, and the reason for that is because yes, a bad review or a particular criticism will make you angry, and you'll be happy when somebody says they like the film - but you get both reactions to every film, no matter who you are, and it's the same movie! So there's a very natural kind of perspective that comes in about other people's responses, which is they're very, very subjective, just as mine are to a lot of movies I watch, so, you don't want to be reactive to that."

Nolan admitted 'Interstellar' is a more "emotional" film than those he typically makes, but said the script wasn't a response to his critics.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I think Interstellar is just more obviously personal and more obviously about emotion than my other films, so yes, it absolutely comes to the forefront, but it's because that's what the story is about entirely.

"I mean, it's literally about connections between human beings and what they might mean if we look at them from a different perspective. So no, I try not to be reactive in what I do."

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