Marvin Humes wants This Morning wife swap

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 January 2015
Marvin and Rochelle Humes

Rochelle and Marvin Humes

Rochelle Humes has revealed her husband Marvin wants to do a wife swap on 'This Morning' and present the daytime TV show with Ruth Langsford and let Rochelle host with Ruth's man Eamonn Holmes

Marvin Humes wants to do a wife swap on 'This Morning'.

The former JLS star and his spouse Rochelle Humes often fill in for the regular hosts on the daytime TV show, but Marvin has a plan to exchange Rochelle for Ruth Langsford, who is one half of the other husband and wife hosting team with her husband Eamonn Holmes.

The Saturdays singer Rochelle says Eamonn is up for the switch so it could happen in 2015 if bosses allow it.

The sexy star told BANG Showbiz: "We keep saying we're going to do wife swap. Eammon really wants to do a wife swap and I think Marvin's quite happy about that too! So maybe we'll do that one week, it would be fun."

Rochelle, 25, insists she and 29-year-old Marvin - who also hosts 'The Voice' - never had any plans to become a presenting couple but the opportunity arose and she is delighted it has worked out so well for them.

Rochelle - who has a 20-month-old daughter Alaia-Mai with her husband - has revealed Marvin played jokes on her when they first started presenting 'This Morning' and initially she was always nervous she was going to utter a swear word by accident.

She said: "It all sort of happened by accident it's not like we set out to plan to be a couple that work together they just said, 'Oh do you want to do this.' And we were like, 'Yeah that'll be a laugh.' And then they asked if we wanted to do it again, now it's ended up like that. But we don't have any aspirations to be a power couple, it just sort of happened and we enjoy it. It's nice to pin down a day when we're together though.

"When we started though Marvin kept stitching me up! And I was so scared I was going to swear, but I did alright. When I'm there now I know that it's a be-good zone."

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