Brendan O'Carroll: Mrs. Brown's Boys lined up until 2020

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  • 2 January 2015
Brendan as Agnes

Brendan O'Carroll as Agnes Brown in 'Mrs. Brown's Boys'

Brendan O'Carroll has revealed he's already received commissions for a further two 'Mrs. Brown's Boys Christmas specials with the BBC expecting him to continue writing episodes for the next five years

Brendan O'Carroll will make 'Mrs. Brown's Boys' Christmas specials until 2020.

The 59-year-old star of the hit BBC One comedy has revealed he has already received commissions for further episodes with the channel expecting him to continue writing them for at least the next five years.

He said: "I have been commissioned to write another two Christmas specials and the BBC are expecting Christmas specials up until 2020."

The comedian stars as Irish matriarch Agnes Brown and admits the show could go on for many more years as his character can simply get older as he himself ages.

He continued to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I am lucky enough I can grow into the part and so that is nice.

"The Christmas special was quite nighty. But it was good fun to do."

Meanwhile, Brendan - who is married to co-star Jennifer Gibney - has revealed plans for his next possible venture, in which he hopes to film people waiting for their loved ones at airport arrivals.

He explained: "I would like to film them and speak to them about who they are waiting for and why they are there."

Speaking about how he came up with the idea, he added: "Growing up in Dublin there was 11 of us in my family and some of my brothers and sisters emigrated.

"At one stage seven of us were away and Christmas was spent meeting people at airports which I loved and I used to cry just to see people coming through arrivals."

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