The 1975's US inspiration

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 31 December 2014
The 1975

The 1975

The 1975 weren't surprised by how easily they have found breaking America and say most of their inspirations are US artists

The 1975 feel more inspired by US artists than British acts.

The 'Sex' hitmakers weren't surprised by their success in America and insist they haven't found it difficult to break the notoriously tough market.

Frontman Matt Healy said: "It's been great, two months [in America] then we flew straight to Ibiza from there.

"We've got a massive fan base out there [in America], we've been really embraced there. We get to play huge shows.

"It hasn't been difficult for us in the US."

The band - also made up of Ross MacDonald, Adam Hann and George Daniel - had always "dreamt" about making it in America and feel they've been accepted because of their sound.

George said: "We always felt our band suited American people because we're more inspired by American artists than we are British bands and it's as simple as that really."

Matt added to BANG Showbiz: "Talking Heads, all those kind of bands from the 80s that were really pushing pop music. Don't get George wrong, he'll admit there are loads of British bands that we're massive fans of, but when it comes to the electronic music and the hip hop and the things that are really obvious in our music it's [American artists who inspire us]."

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