Russell Kane loved homemade bike

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 December 2014
Russell Kane

Russell Kane

Russell Kane says his favourite ever Christmas gift was a bicycle his father made for him - although he didn't realise for years it had been built by his dad

Russell Kane's best ever Christmas present was a bike his dad made for him.

The 'Unzipped' star has fond memories of unwrapping the bicycle on Christmas morning but he didn't realise for years that his late father had in fact built it out of scrap parts.

He told BANG Showbiz: "The best Christmas present I've ever received was a bike when I was younger, a Raleigh Grifter. It took me years to work out that it wasn't a real Raleigh and my dad made it out of scrap from the garage. I always wondered why the frame was too big! But still, at the time, it was the best."

However, not all the festive presents Russell has received have been as exciting as the bike.

One particularly poor gift is forever emblazoned on his mind.

The TV comic - who is engaged to make-up artist Lindsey Cole - recalled: "The worst Christmas present I've ever received was probably the one time my nan wrapped me up a shiny two pence piece. She thought because it was shiny that it was a good gift. And after I had unwrapped all this wrapping paper, it was just two pence - bless her. I said, 'Ooh, it's shiny grandma.' I just pretended to love it."

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