Katie Hopkins put husband on sex ban

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  • 29 December 2014
Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has confessed to banning her husband from having sex with her until she'd lost all the wright she gained for her television project 'Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story'

Katie Hopkins didn't have sex for two months after putting on three stone in weight.

The former 'The Apprentice' candidate tripled her calorie intake and limited her physical activity for her new series 'Katie Hopkins: My Fat Story' in a bid to prove how easy it is to lose weight and has confessed she didn't want her husband touching her until she'd shed the pounds again.

She explained: "I am normally the first one to get my kit off - and I don't give a damn who sees me naked. However, after I put on my first stone I stopped having sex with my husband.

"As a fat bird, I stuck to pyjamas and getting naked in the dark.

"When you look gross, you feel gross. When you feel gross you don't want anyone else touching bits of you that wobble."

The controversial 39-year-old star's weight rose from eight stone and twelve pounds to eleven stone and thirteen pounds but she successfully managed to get back to a size eight simply by cutting her calories and becoming more active.

And despite admitting she'd really struggled with the experience, she insists she still believes that being fat is a result of laziness.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I still wouldn't employ a fat person, now I've lived a fat life. Being fat is hard work. You can't be fat and happy. If you're still holding on to that life raft you've probably still got a long journey before you're prepared to eat less and move more."

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