Nick Hewer can't decide on holiday destination

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 December 2014
Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer is hoping to get some sun after Christmas but can't decide where to jet off to because he thinks the "world is shrinking"

Nick Hewer can't decide where to go on holiday for New Years Eve (31.12.14).

The 70-year-old star - who acts as an advisor to Lord Alan Sugar on 'The Apprentice' - is planning to get away from the miserable cold weather in the UK this week but is struggling to think of the perfect location.

He told BANG Showbiz: "The world is shrinking you know, in terms of where's safe to go. Really the Middle East is sort of a problem so whereas you used to think, 'Oh I'll go to Jordan or Morocco or Algeria', well suddenly it's a bit more difficult."

However, the 'Countdown' presenter has admitted he's not yet committed to the idea of going on holiday as when his partner Catherine decided against accompanying him to Argentina last year, he didn't have the best time.

Nick explained: "I don't know, I may go away and find somewhere hot if I'm bored. I was a bit bored after Christmas last year and I said, 'Do you fancy coming with me to Argentina?' And she said, 'No, you go'. And I went on my own and she got it right because I was never so bored in my life."

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