Nick Hewer didn't cook Christmas dinner

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  • 28 December 2014
Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer didn't help his partner Catherine cook Christmas dinner as he "doesn't know where the kitchen is"

Nick Hewer kept "well away" from the kitchen this Christmas.

The 'Countdown' host spent the festive day with his partner Catherine and although they enjoyed a traditional meal, Nick didn't help at all when it came to the turkey and stuffing.

He said: "Oh God no (I didn't cook), I don't know where the kitchen is! I keep well away from the kitchen, especially around this time."

And while 'The Apprentice' star admits his organisational skills leave little to be desired, having nearly forgotten Catherine's birthday earlier this year, he insists she's more than capable of cooking up a feast on her own.

Quizzed on whether he's well prepared during the festive season, he admitted: "It's always a last minute shop. I pretty much almost missed madame's birthday in October but I managed to scramble together and get some flowers shipped in overnight which was good.

"Christmas, she does it all for every day of the break and she's brilliant. She runs her own business very successfully but she manages to compartmentalise her life, I don't have that secret. She knows of her values and I'm still struggling to know what people see in me."

Nick and Catherine will splitting their festive holiday between their home in Northampton and their villa in the south of France.

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