Miranda Hart ditches Christmas gifts

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 December 2014
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart usually doesn't keep any perfume she gets given for Christmas by her loved ones

Miranda Hart never keeps perfume people buy her for Christmas.

The 'Miranda' star thinks buying a fragrance for someone else is very "risky" because it is so personal but she is never impressed with the scents she receives.

She said: "I think it's risky buying people scent because it's so subjective. I don't know whether I get given a lot of it because people are trying to tell me I smell but I always end up passing it on because the ones I seem to get given are quite dog breath-y."

Although she's picky about her presents Miranda loves watching festive movies over the holiday period and though she owns her favourite 'Elf' on DVD, she will stop whatever she is doing if she sees the Will Ferrell movie is on TV.

The comedian - who ended her sitcom 'Miranda' with two specials this Christmas - said: "I know it's Christmas when I first see 'Elf' in the TV schedules.

"It's my favourite Christmas film and although I own the DVD, whenever it's on TV, I like to quickly abort all work and other important activities, get a hot chocolate and watch. Christmas is on."

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