My Year in Clubbing: i AM

My Year in Clubbing: i AM

i AM

From Walk 'N' Skank to DJ Funk, promoter and DJ Matthew Craig breaks down 2014

Matthew Craig, one half of ever-rising Glasgow DJ / promoter duo i AM, takes us through his highlights of a year spent in darkened rooms.

What's been your ultimate night out this year?
I genuinely cannot remember most of the nights this year because so many have been great – and, I’ve been to far too many. Subcity's Stereo 54 party was great, and the one time I managed to get a night off to attend Walk 'N' Skank was great, but in terms of euphoria, it still has to be any night in Sub Club, especially Subculture and Optimo. Oh, Loefah too.

What’s been the most surprising?
Jackmaster's Dance Mania and Dom Capello's Disco Inferno were both great – but not exactly surprising, as they’re both badass across genres. Four Tet's set was pretty adventurous – loungy jazz, afro/highlife sounds, garage, bhangra, house, techno, more garage … It’s a hard one to sum up other than it being a really awesome vibe. I missed Twitch's So Low night but I know that would have been equally awesome.

What’s your favourite night you've put on?
Probably DJ Funk. It’s his energy, whether playing his own music, other people’s music or doing live improvisations, and his sets are crammed full of fun ideas.

What's been the biggest disappointment?
The mysterious DJ Mayhem and Cloudo were due to play our Edinburgh night following the Sub Club date but Ross [Birchard, aka Hudson Mohawke, aka DJ Mayhem] had studio commitments in LA with Kanye, or something, which he had to uphold. Bit of a shame, but they were doing it for heavy mate's rates so no beef there at all.

Which club have you spent most time in?
Other than Sub Club, does the Arlington count? It's pretty banging in there most weekends and very affordable – tip!

Who would you most like to book – or see booked – for 2015?
Art Crime. Hugo Moya. Abida Parveen b2b Terrence Parker. Thomas Bangalter beatbox set. Yellow Magic Orchestra b3b Nile Rodgers b3b Dan Avery. The Knife b4b Jackmaster b4b Omar S b4b Ja Rule.

Who’s been your hero – either in the Glasgow club scene, or further afield?
Optimo (Espacio).

What's your hottest tip for 2015?
Tsukasa Ito.

Finally, describe your clubbing experience of 2014 in three words …
Sarbeni. Taxi. Marvellous.

i AM take over Stereo for a New Year’s Eve special featuring their choice of local talent in the form of DJ Greenman and WSHOM (We Should Hang Out More). Stereo, Glasgow, Wed 31 Dec.

I AM Stereo NYE

A two-floor party to see in the New Year. Upstairs, there's WSHOM (We Should Hang Out More) plus Stereo and Friends (DJ Cal Monte + Fox Gut Daata), and downstairs it's all about Beta & Kappa and DJ Greenman.