New Year's Resolutions: do more sport

New Year's Resolutions: do more sport

Auld Reekie Roller Girls

Time to get physical with everything from parkour to pole-dancing

New Year’s resolutions come and go, but it helps to keep things interesting if you’ve decided to try your hand at staying fit by doing something out of the ordinary. For those who caught Commonwealth Games fever in the summer and are waiting for January’s dawning to act upon it, a range of national classes in more traditional sports can be found at national agency Sport Scotland’s website.

For stranger choices, you could try a bit of outdoor acrobatics by learning parkour (or free-running), the French street sport which involves using the built environment as an assault course. Described as ‘demanding, physical and technical’, there are classes in Edinburgh run by Access Parkour and in Glasgow through Glasgow Parkour and Glasgow Parkour Girls.

Or for something similarly body-crunching, get involved with Roller Derby: there are mini-leagues in Edinburgh (Auld Reekie Roller Girls) and in Glasgow (Glasgow Roller Derby, which has an intake for new skaters on Sun 11 Jan).

A fast-growing area is pole-dancing classes for women, which might have once been seen as a little bit tacky given the technique’s origins in strip bars. Now they’re firmly in the mainstream, and you can try it out in Edinburgh through Goeswell and in Glasgow at Twirl ‘n’ Tone or Ultimate Pole Fitness. Also watch out for a new incoming fitness fashion, with the imminent opening of Ryze trampoline parks – a growing all-ages phenomenon in America – in both cities (follow and for opening announcements).

Glasgow Parkour Coaching Outdoor Class

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