Preview: Musik / Reise

Preview: Musik / Reise

Hans Joachim Irmler

German electronica appreciation with Hans Joachim Irmler and friends

Faust arguably set the template for the whole immersive living, band-as-commune, jamming-naked-in-the-kitchen thing when they encamped themselves in a house-cum-studio in rural Germany in 1970 and made some landmark recordings.

Communal living aside, little has changed for founder member Hans Joachim Irmler. 'I've basically done the whole thing again,' he laughs from Studio Scheer, his recently built, idyllic complex whose clients include To Rococo Rot and Berghain resident Marcel Dettmann as well as his own collaborations outside Faust. 'For me, you have to be in a good environment to make good music.' He holds the phone out the window. 'Hear that? That's the Danube.'

Offering more psychedelia than the blissed out motorik of Can, Neu! and other acts now branded Krautrock (oh, they coined that term too), releases such as The Faust Tapes and Faust IV exhibit a Zappaesque playfulness while simultaneously ripping up the rule book. Describing their own music as Stu[umlaut]cke (pieces), Faust's approach influenced many artists favouring mood over songs, making this upcoming one-off performance with members of Mogwai and The Phantom Band a unique chance to catch multiple generations of musicians exploring a similar territory.

As for what to expect from the travel-themed collaboration (made possible by Goethe-Institut Glasgow), his signature swirling transistor organ is the only known element, but if recent work with Gudrun Gut and Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit are anything to go by, it will be something intense and beautiful.

The event includes a collaborative set, an Irmler solo set, plus a Q&A / panel discussion on German electronica’s influence on Scotland and beyond.
Platform, Glasgow, Sat 10 Jan.

Gut Und Irmler - Früh

Musik / Reise

A unique collaboration between members of Mogwai, Faust and The Phantom Band celebrating the music and influence of 60s and 70s krautrock.

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