Alan Carr's mum 'wants a Fabergé egg for Christmas'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 December 2014
Alan Carr

Alan Carr

Alan Carr's mum expects a Fabergé egg for Christmas, because she thinks her son earns as much as "£20 million a year"

Alan Carr's mum wants a Fabergé egg for Christmas because she thinks he earns "£20 million a year".

The 38-year-old comedian is expecting his mother to be disappointed when she opens her gift because media speculation about his wage means she thinks he can afford much better presents than he gives.

When asked if he was planning on giving any special gifts, he said: "Well, the trouble now is the papers reporting how much comedians earn, which is so inflated, so my mum's getting a bit above her station. She's after Fabergé eggs and mink coats. She says, 'You earn £20 million a year, I read it in the paper.'"

However, the host of 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' insisted he doesn't earn as much as people think, because if he did, he would be on holiday and not still living in the UK.

He continued: "Trust me, Mum, no I f***ing don't. And if I did, I wouldn't be spending it on you, I'd be off on a yacht."

Speaking about his own favourite present, the talk show host and radio personality admitted it hasn't been anything as lavish as one of the expensive jeweled decorations which his mum desires, and was actually his pet pooch, given to him by his partner.

He added to Notebook magazine: "Paul got me a dog, Joyce, for Christmas. That was the best. I know you're not supposed to get dogs for Christmas but I love her to bits."

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