Joanna Kane: The Somnambulists (4 stars)

Joanna Kane: The Somnambulist

National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 6 Apr


This small exhibition features newly commissioned photographs by Joanna Kane of the collection of 19th century life and death masks currently on loan to the National Portrait Gallery. Using new digital techniques Kane’s photography reinvests the masks with the sense that they were once living, breathing objects. These large photographs render the subject’s skin delicate to the touch, as though they were taken from life rather than 200 year old deathbed masks. Selected for display are notable individuals, including the poets John Keats and William Blake as well as anonymous faces, such as an Unknown Sami boy whose likeness was taken for ethnographical study.

Only a few of the masks themselves are on display here alongside a brief explanation of their role in the pseudo-science of phrenology, of which Edinburgh was a leading centre. Shown in oddly shaped perspex tubular display cases the masks are morbidly fascinating, their dull clay exterior revealing their age with the intimation of archival dust. It is in this context that the transformative effect of Kane’s work is revealed. A brief look into the accompanying catalogue reveals a much larger range of photographs, and it is disappointing that more of these are not on show. Despite this, Kane’s work revisits a fascinating part of Edinburgh’s history, shedding silvery light on ‘science’ from our past.

The Somnambulists: Photographic Portraits From Before Photography

  • 4 stars

Using contemporary digital techniques, artist Joanna Kane renders photographic likenesses from portraits of historical Scottish figures, taken from an Edinburgh collection of life and death masks.

The Somnambulists: Joanna Kane and Duncan Forbes in Conversation

  • 4 stars

Joanna Kane talks to Duncan Forbes, Senior Curator of Photography at the National Galleries, about her series of photographic portraits taken from a collection of life and death masks.

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