Jaymi Hensley hates Xmas

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  • 21 December 2014
Union J

Union J

Union J singer Jaymi Hensley thinks Christmas is a "load of rubbish"

Jaymi Hensley thinks Christmas is a "load of rubbish".

The Union J singer isn't a fan of the festive holiday because he thinks it is "false" and hates having to make extra effort for things he would usually do every day.

He said: "I hate Christmas, it's a load of rubbish.

"You don't need a certain day for everyone to see each other, it's so false.

"It annoys me that I have to make an effort and wear something nice. Why have I got to put a shirt on?"

Asked what he'd say in a Christmas speech, he added: "Don't do Christmas next year, go on holiday instead, it will be much nicer."

The 'Carry You' singer and his bandmates George Shelley, J.J. Hamblett and Josh Cuthbert are unlikely to be cooking Christmas lunch for their families as they all have limited culinary skills.

Asked who would cook the best Christmas meal, J.J. said: "Definitely not Jaymi, he'd be awful. He's the worst cook ever."

Jaymi added to Top of the Pops magazine: "If it was George, I'd get chilli con carne, if it was JJ I'd get a grilled cheese and ham sandwich cooked in a frying pan and I'd get turkey dinosaurs with Josh."

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