Ben Kinglsey: Gandhi role was my father figure

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  • 20 December 2014
Sir Ben Kinglsey

Sir Ben Kinglsey

Sir Ben Kinglsey has revealed he loved portraying Gandhi because it made him feel close to a father figure

Sir Ben Kinglsey played Gandhi because he wanted to feel close to a father figure.

The 70-year-old actor had a tough childhood, which he previously described as "horrible", partly because of his absent dad, so portraying the leader of India's non-violent independent movement against Britain in '1982' movie Gandhi helped him to plug the gap of his missing parent.

He said: "At the time I just felt that Bapu [an affectionate nickname for Gandhi, meaning dad] was something I needed. 'I need you Gandhiji. Because you are something that's missing in my life.' "

Kingsley - whose birth name is Krishna Bhanji - admitted playing other strong character has enabled him to fill a "vacuum" in his life created by his tough upbringing.

He explained: "I am actually filling a vacuum with the fathers that I play.

"By playing Gandhi, Itzhak Stern, Massoud Behrani, I am filling the vacuum in me. In little Krishna."

The father-of-four also had a tough time with his two brothers and sister, which he admits is still a "scar" in his life.

He added to The Times newspaper: "All I can tell you is that my four children, from different mamas, love each other very much. Whereas the sibling rivalry between me and my siblings is still a scar on us and we are not close."

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