Mark Wright doesn't regret 'sneaky' tactics

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  • 19 December 2014
Mark Wright

Mark Wright

Mark Wright insists he has no regrets when it comes to his "sneaky" tactics on 'The Apprentice', as it guaranteed his position in the final

Mark Wright doesn't regret his "sneaky" tactics on 'The Apprentice'.

The 25-year-old sales manager sticks by the decisions he made throughout the competition as he insists his actions guaranteed his spot in the upcoming final, in which he'll go head-to-head with Bianca Miller for a £250,000 investment from Lord Alan Sugar.

Quizzed on whether he had any regrets, such as tricking Felipe into letting him sell the hot tubs his arch rival Daniel Lassman had secured, he told BANG Showbiz: "Absolutely not. People say this is a business process and then say you're a bit sneaky.

"Had I said to Felipe, 'Oh I'm a really nice guy', and took it on the chin and sold those horrible hat things that I picked then lost that task, Lord Sugar would've been like, 'Mate, you picked terrible hats and you hardly sold any - I'll catch you later'.

"I'm not going to run that risk, so I put myself in the driving seat all the time. I did what I had to, to be in the best position when we went back to the boardroom, so I don't regret it at all."

The digital marketing expert also commented on claims from fired candidates such as Solomon Akhtar that he and Bianca are "boring".

He said: "Being professional and being tactical and doing the things that are required to win the process isn't boring, it's what we're here for."

Insisting the 23-year-old technology entrepreneur doesn't have what it takes to work with Lord Sugar, Mark added: "I think Solomon is so young that he just got caught up in the whole hype of it and he is like a little lost puppy, he'll just go wherever the fun is. He was very valuable at times because he's creative, but I don't think he could run a business at the level that Lord Sugar wants."

'The Apprentice' concludes on Sunday December 21 at 9pm on BBC One.

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