White Season

White Season

BBC2, starts Fri 7 Mar


No doubt there will be chins being stroked and hands being wrung over whether the BBC is correct to be giving a voice to some of the unchallenged casual xenophobia and downright blatant racism that is aired during this season of dramas and documentaries. Whatever you think about that, there’s an odd feeling that some of the strands don’t quite hold together.

Last Orders (Fri 7 Mar, 9pm ••) is a reasonable depiction of a Bradford community going to the dogs but simply tags on some undiluted hate and ignorance almost for the sake of it. The programme focuses on a working man’s club which has hit hard times and can’t cope with change. It must be the fault of those pesky Poles or Asians? No, you just have a committee of codgers who haven’t a fresh idea between them.

Rivers of Blood (Sat 8 Mar, 9pm •••) takes us on a voyage into the past back to Enoch Powell’s infamous speech which prophesised Armageddon in the streets of Britain. The film shows the aftermath of Ted Heath ousting him from the Tory Party and how the outpouring of support from left wing trade unionists to right wing thugs very nearly caused a revolution. White Girl (Mon 10 Mar, 9pm ••) is a strange drama, in which young Leah rebels against her family by wrapping a hijab round herself and quoting the Koran at her abusive dad. The whole point of the piece is unclear but if it’s meant as a metaphor about teaching tolerance in the young, that’s all fine and well. I’m just not sure it knows what it’s doing.

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