2015 Highlights: Visual Art

2015 Highlights: Visual Art

Glamorous Sun: Kornelia Remø Klokk

Featuring: Glasgow Open House, Scotand + Venice, Hidden Door, Edinburgh Annuale, Turner Prize 2015

Glasgow Open House
The first Glasgow Open House took place in 2014 and showed the works of more than 80 emerging and established artists in 32 venues, ranging from flats, gardens, sheds and community centres. The programme for 2015 is set to expand to include more music, dance and performance events and a series of ‘Art Walks’, workshops and outreach projects.
Various venues, Glasgow, Fri 1--Tue 5 May.

Scotland + Venice
In 2015 Graham Fagen will represent Scotland at the world’s biggest visual art event: the Venice Biennale. His solo presentation, supported by Hospitalfield Arts, will be located in a 16th century palace on the banks of the Grand Canal.
Palazzo Fontana, Venice, Sat 9 May–Sun 22 Nov.

Hidden Door Festival
The organisers at Hidden Door Festival have a knack for seeking out unusual spaces in Edinburgh and transforming them into eclectic pop-up arts venues filled with work by emerging artists. In 2015 they will occupy the old street lighting depot located just off the Grassmarket in Edinburgh’s Old Town.
King’s Stables Road, Edinburgh, Fri 22–Sat 30 May.

Edinburgh Annuale
Every year the Embassy Gallery organises a city-wide celebration of the grassroots arts scene in Edinburgh. Determined to foster the spirit of collaboration and innovation Edinburgh Annuale seek out proposals for group shows in new and unexpected locations.
Various venues, Edinburgh, Fri 5–Sun 21 Jun.

Turner Prize 2015
The Turner Prize is one of British art’s most prestigious awards and with three Scottish artists winning the prize since 2009, it has developed firm ties to our art scene. Next year, the Turner Prize exhibition travels to Scotland for the very first time.
Tramway, Glasgow, Thu 1 Oct--Jan 2016.

Glasgow Open House Arts Festival

Emerging and established contemporary artists who live in Glasgow open the doors of the city's domestic and disused spaces, to reveal a program of exhibitions, performances and events.

Turner Prize 2015

The Turner Prize is the biggest award in British art, with £25,000 going to the winner and £5,000 to the nominees, and the most controversial. Its championship of conceptual rigour over traditionalism has tended to whip the tabloids into a froth, but a list of Turner nominees contains many of the most memorable names from…

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