War on Christmas: interview with Gary McNair

War On Christmas

Comedian joyrides the festive season through the Arches by declaring War on Christmas

Having aced the Fringe by crossing the wires of stand-up and theatre, Gary McNair joyrides the festive season through the Arches by declaring War on Christmas. He explains his anti-santa act.

Can't you just enjoy the season?
Absolutely. Enjoy your season, but rather more than that. Enjoy your life, find a way to get happiness every single day, instead of being forced into someone else’s preconceived notion of happiness for a rather stressful period in December. Let Christmas go, relax and enjoy the whole year.

How adult is this going to be?  
I get a shiver down my spine when someone says ‘adult show’– it makes me think of the crass nature of a Jim Davidson show where everything is ‘naughty’. Rather I’d like to think that the show appeals to the child inside of you but doesn’t make the pretense that everything will work out alright, because it won’t – we’re all fucked.

Will fans of the McNair style get what they expect, or are you throwing any curve balls?
Come on, I love dealing in curve balls. This show is full of silly characters, costumes and songs. It’s essentially a musical which is about as far away from my usual working style as I think I've ever gone, but I hope that people will still see a flavour of the work that sits inside my canon –direct address, audience participation, using humour to poke fun at authority – it’s all in there.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?
I’m genuinely hoping for quite a quiet Christmas, one that isn’t too stressful. I hope to see a lot of people whilst they have time off from their jobs and most of all I’d love to see a packed house every night for War On Christmas. Failing that, you can never fail to make me happy with the offer of Um Bongo, or a Wham Bar.

The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 11–Sun 28 Dec.

Gary McNair: War on Christmas

Gary McNair presents an anarchic take on the Christmas spirit. Step into the shoes of an enthusiastic young Santa working one of Glasgow’s poorest grottos, as he embarks on a journey to find the true meaning of the season. Ages 18+.

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